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I have written for Current Health, Dance Exercise Today, Nursing, Club Industry, Emergency Medicine, Home Health Care Dealer, Physician and Sportsmedicine, Rehab Management, Walking Magazine, Shape, Women’s Sports and Fitness et al. and many others.


Can I Get Charged With A Burglary and a Robbery? March 3, 2023. Written for Boeheim Freeman Law (Tulsa Criminal and Family Law, Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Adjectives Aren’t Everything, MockingOwl Roost, January 31, 2023

Ordinary People (Poems for Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023; Published in Northern Ireland by Rancid Idols Productions, an Imprint of Poetry NI+)

Playing For The Health Of It – The Willie “BJ” Williams Story (Guest Blog for @ThatPickleballGuy January 19, 2023)

Major League Pickleball this weekend and My Mom Is Now a Pickleball Player Too (Guest Blog for Kyle J. Koszuta for ThatPickleballGuy June 2, 2022)

Three Sets of Mothers and Daughters Take Matches in Bluewater Bay Doubles Tennis (Midbay News – May 13, 2022)

How to Be a Better Jewish Mother-in-Law” (Kveller – April 26, 2022)

“I Don’t Have Grandkids (yet) but Being a Dog Bubbe Is Pretty Great” (Kveller  – August 17, 2021)

Stylish Furniture May Have Had A Former Life ,”(Emerald Coast Magazine -August-September 2019)

“Northwest Ballet Celebrates 50 Years,” (Emerald Coast Magazine -August-September 2019)

“Making the Best Blind Investment,” (Emerald Coast Magazine – June-July 2019)

“Mosley High School’s Fine Arts Center Is A Community Asset,” (Emerald Coast Magazine– June-July 2019)

Bringing Back the Appeal of the Front Porch,” (Emerald Coast Magazine June-July 2019)

Niceville Artist Angela Stevenson Turns Trash Into Treasure(Emerald Coast Magazine  June -July 2019)

“Ever Wondered About Escape Rooms?” (Emerald Coast Magazine– April-May 2019)

“Madewell Art Studios Heals Through Art, (Emerald Coast Magazine – April-May 2019)

“Nothing is More EC Than Yoga By The Sea,” (Emerald Coast Magazine – April-May 2019)

“At 83, Audrey Bailey Is The Shining Star Of The Theatre,” (Emerald Coast Magazine December-January 2018)

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